Beckham back in action

David Beckham has returned to competitive football for the first time in almost six months.

    David Beckham in action for his club LA Galaxy in their Major League Soccer rivals, Columbus Crew on Saturday [GALLO/GETTY]. 


    Nearly six months after suffering from a serious injury, David Beckham has returned to the beautiful game. He appeared in the second half for the L.A. Galaxy in their 3-1 win over Major League Soccer rivals Columbus Crew on Saturday.

    Beckham, 35, ruptured his Achilles tendon in March while playing on loan for AC Milan in Italy and missed out on playing for England in the World Cup finals in South Africa.

    The former Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder came through the final 20 minutes of the game without any noticeable problem, having returned to action at least two weeks ahead of plan. "It feels amazing. I was itching to get on but obviously I was restricted, "Beckham said after the game.

    SOURCE: Reuters


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