Golfer Woods injured in car crash

World's number one golfer hurt in single-car crash near his home, authorities say.

    Woods was hurt after hitting a fire hydrant and a tree while pulling out of his driveway [AFP]

    'Charges pending'

    The airbags in Woods' car did not deploy during the accident, suggesting that the vehicle was travelling under 33 mph at the moment of impact.

    The FHP said that the incident is being investigated and that charges are pending.

    Woods, one of the world's richest sportsmen, has won 71 titles on the PGA tour circuit, including 14 majors.

    He returned to the game in February this year after recovering from reconstructive knee surgery and finished on top of the FedEx Cup standings for the season.

    Forbes magazine said earlier this year that Woods was set to become the first billionaire athlete, mainly due to several lucrative endorsement deals.

    Woods has earned $110m during the previous 12 months, two and a half times that of his nearest competitor, Forbes said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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