'US may delay Guantanamo closure'

White House admits it may not be able to keep Obama's January deadline promise.

    Even some in Obama's own party are not allowing him to push ahead with Guantanamo's closure [EPA]

    Unresolved issues

    With only four months to go before the deadline, a number of issues remain unresolved including the establishment of a new set of rules for military trials, finding a location for a new prison to house detainees and finding host countries for those who can be released.

    This has prompted Republicans in congress to demand that the prison stay open, saying it is too dangerous to rush the closure.

    Even Democrats defied the president saying they needed more information about Obama's plan before supporting it.

    Congress is denying Obama money to shut down Guantanamo.

    The administration has so far transferred 14 prisoners to other countries.


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