Drug violence rising in Argentina

Drug-related violence surges as Argentina emerges as a destination for trafficking.

    Argentina has always been considered a transit country for drugs: drugs enter from Colombia, Bolivia and Peru and then go out to Europe.
    But in the last few years, as Al Jazeera's Teresa Bo reports from Buenos Aires, the national capital, the situation has changed. With Argentina now a destination for trafficking, drug-related violence is spiralling.
    Threats and unsolved murders are evidence that more and more drug-trafficking organisations are coming to the country to stay.
    Many people say official corruption makes it much easier for the cartels to establish themselves.
    Miguel Angel Pierri, a criminologist, told Al Jazeera: "Argentina is a perfect place for the criminal organisations to stay. Corrupt justice system, a corrupt police. There are no consequences and organisations know it. Everything can be bought."
    There is a growing concern in Argentina that the latest violence is just the beginning and so far the government does not have a serious plan to deal with the crisis.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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