US offers Cuba migration talks

Proposal mooted as commitment to legal and orderly migration.

    Obama has already eased travel for US citizens with relatives in Cuba to the island nation [REUTERS]

    The two nations had discussed the issue of legal migration bi-annually until talks were halted in 2003.

    'Support Cubans'

    However, under President Barack Obama the US has made motions to ease relations with Havana's communist government after decades of tension.

    Darla Jordan, a department spokeswoman, said that Obama "wants to ensure that we are doing all we can to support the Cuban people in fulfilling their desire to live in freedom.

    "He will continue to make policy decisions accordingly."

    In April, Obama removed restrictions on US citizens travelling to Cuba to visit family members and on how much money they are able to send back to the island nation.

    The offer comes ahead of a meeting for the Organisation of American States on June 2 in Honduras in which Cuba's re-entry into the bloc will be discussed.

    However, both Obama and Hiliary Clinton, the US secretary of state, have said that democratic reforms are needed in Cuba before they are re-admitted to the grouping.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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