Jamaica plane standoff ends

Hijacker of Canadian plane releases last remaining hostages and surrenders to police.

    The standoff lasted for several hours
    at the airport in Jamaica[AFP]

    However, one report said he was captured after police stormed the aircraft.

    'Shot fired'

    Daryl Vaz, Jamaica's information minister, told CNN news network that the man, believed to be a 20-year-old Jamaican from Montego Bay, had "some mental challenges" and was reportedly upset over a failed relationship.

    There were unconfirmed reports that at least one shot was fired outside the aircraft during the ordeal.

    All the passengers were Canadian, Kent Woodside, vice-president of CanJet, told the Associated Press news agency.

    The passengers were taken to a hotel while CanJet planned to fly another aircraft to Montego Bay to return the passengers to Canada, Woodside said.

    The plane had arrived from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada, and was scheduled to stop in Santa Clara, Cuba, before returning to Canada.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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