Deaths in Colombia bomb attack

Attack in northern district of Bogota blamed on Farc, the anti-government rebel group.

    Two civilians were killed when a 5kg bomb went off in the La Cabrera neighbourhood [AFP]



    A Blockbuster video store, which was damaged in the blast, was operating in the targeted building.

    Farc suspected

    Manuel Santos, Colombia's defence minister, said that the blast was consistent with previous Farc attacks.

    Farc, considered Latin America's biggest rebel organisation, has been trying to overthrow the national gvernment since the 1960s.

    A December attack on Bogota, which left five people injured, was also attributed to the group. 

    Other six other explosions, between June and October, took place in the capital last year.

    However, attacks have decreased since Alvaro Uribe, the country's president, launched a crackdown on fighters, who have been forced to retreat. 

    SOURCE: Agencies


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