Inmates killed in Mexico jail riot

Scores of prisoners hurled rocks and stones at police as a fire raged in the compound.

    At least 250 prisoners were transferred to prisons elsewhere in Mexico [EPA]

    At least 250 high-risk prisoners, including 200 men and 50 women, were transferred to prisons elsewhere in the country from La Mesa, a prison in Tijuana, a town bordering the United States and major corridor for drug trafficking.

    Investigation pending

    A previous riot killing four prisoners had lasted 12 hours on Sunday over the death of one prisoner allegedly killed by prison guards.

    Prison officials are suspected of being involved in the second melee and three senior officials were suspended by the governor pending an investigation.

    "We are investigating all of the officials at La Mesa penitentiary who could have been responsible or have been in cohorts with some of the inmates," de la Rosa said.

    Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, the state governor, said that prisons should tackle riots and corruption, including the replacement of the senior officials.

    Government officials said soldiers and federal police regained control of the prison.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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