'Why I am backing Barack'

One Obama campaign volunteer tells Al Jazeera why she supports the Illinois senator.

    Katherine Cordova hopes the Democrats can put aside differences at the convention
    Katherine Cordova, an Obama supporter from Massachusetts, spoke to Al Jazeera about why she is attending the Democratic convention in Denver, Colorado, and why she is backing the Illinois senator's campaign.

    I'm here as a volunteer and first time visitor, I've been campaigning hard and doing as much as I can.

    One of the main ways we support a candidate is through fundraising, by getting good speakers to come to talk to people who give whatever they can at dinners with speakers; lunches, breakfasts.

    I get to listen to bright, influential people involved in the campaign – Caroline Kennedy, Chris Dodd and Obama himself at his birthday.

    Many people do this almost as a lifestyle. They are passionate about the party and passionate about democracy and they want to express their patriotism through helping to fund the campaigns.

    Obama came on to the radar screen for me much the same as he did with many other people, at the Democratic convention in 2004.

    I've always been very impressed with his background, in working for the community, the health and welfare of children and equal care and respect for all citizens and an expectation of responsibility for all citizens which is I think is crucial for us to improve our place in the world.

    Unity call

    There are over 10,000 volunteers helping at the convention, everything from traffic detail to catering to escorting VIPs to helping the delegates on the floor in the Pepsi Centre [where the convention is taking place] with sending messages back and forth and so on.

    In focus

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    This is our one legislative and governing session as a party, there have been weeks and months of negotiations on major issues and all sort of issues that affect how we as a party function, just as parties in other countries have to get together to achieve common goals, and that's what this is about.

    We're very happy to do it and there's a party atmosphere, but it's a very serious business.

    What do I hope the convention will achieve? Well for one thing, unity.

    I have been surprised at the continuing passion and pain of some of the Hillary Clinton supporters, but they'll come around - they are loyal Democrats and we're all here to work together.

    We've all been disappointed and had hopes for our candidates in years past and it's part of the process.

    My hope is that we will all do our part as Americans to help change the course of our nation's focus and leadership, and I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Obama as a president, but even if nothing else happens we have so much to be proud of ourselves for in terms of the revitalised Democratic party.

    One of the most exciting things about Obama is his credentials as an organiser. Now I think we have this organisation there's no stopping us.

    We're finally in a position to act in a more mature way in our policies throughout the world.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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