Colombia police end hostage drama

Officers in Bogota overpower a man armed with a hand grenade demanding pension.

    The man, who identified himself as Edgar Paz Morales,
    was arrested amid dramatic scenes [Reuters] 

    No-one was reported injured in the incident.
    Asylum request
    The man, who identified himself to local media as Edgar Paz Morales, a former military official, asked for the media be brought to the scene.
    He also demanded a meeting with Mexico's ambassador to Colombia, so that he could request asylum, AFP reported.
    Local television images earlier showed him clutching a hand grenade in front of a group of hostages sitting in chairs.
    He told local television channel City TV that the army was denying him a pension after 21 years of military service.
    "I am a man who has fought for my country, but now it doesn't even acknowledge me," he also told Colombian radio.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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