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Canada extradites Nazi war criminal

"Beast of Bolzano" extradited to Italy over crimes committed during World War II.

    Seifert was a guard at Bolzano prison camp in northern Italy [EPA]
    Last month Seifert lost a bid to have the supreme court of Canada consider his appeal, seeking to stop his extradition to Italy, clearing the way for his deportation.
    He had unsuccessfully resisted efforts by the Canadian government to strip him of his citizenship based on claims that he hid his past when he entered the country.
    Life in Canada
    In 1944 and 1945, the Bolzano camp was used as a transit point for Jews, Italian resistance fighters, Italians drafted for factory work and German army deserters.
    Seifert was born in 1924 in Ukraine, then part of the Soviet Union, and began work as a guard after the German occupation.
    He moved to Canada after the war, claiming to be from Estonia, worked as a mill worker in Vancouver, where he raised a family and lived until he was arrested at Italy's request in 2002.
    The Canadian Jewish Congress said it welcomed news of the extradition, saying it showed Canada was not a safe hiding place for war-crimes suspects.
    Sylvain Abitbol, the group's co-president, said: "We are relieved and grateful that this individual is heading home to face the justice he has evaded for far too long."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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