Villagers die in Haiti floods

Hundreds made homeless after village near Port-au-Prince is inundated by floodwater.

    Cabaret was badly hit by torrential rain and the
    death toll is expected to rise [AFP]
    No respite
    Bien-Aime said emergency supplies were being sent to Cabaret, where at least 1,000 people have been made homeless.
    Meterologists said heavy rain was set to continue across Haiti and its neighbours for the foreseeable future.
    In eastern Cuba, west of Haiti, more than 18,000 people have been evacuated amid concerns of flooding.
    Due to deforestation, Haiti is more vulnerable to deadly floods than countries such as Cuba and Jamaica, which have also been swept by torrential rain recently.
    About 90 per cent of Haiti's forests have been cleared, mostly to make charcoal for cooking.
    In 2004, flooding triggered by the passage of tropical storm Jeanne,  killed about 3,000 people in Haiti's port city of Gonaives.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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