Mattel recalls more Chinese toys

US toy giant's third recall in five weeks affects nearly 850,000 products worldwide.

    The recall affects Barbie accessories and
    Fisher-Price Geo Trax Locomotives [EPA]

    On August 1, the company's Fisher-Price division recalled 1.5 million preschool toys featuring characters such as Dora the Explorer, Big Bird and Elmo, because of lead paint.
    Robert Eckert, Mattel's chairman and chief executive, had warned at a press conference last month that there may be more recalls of tainted toys as the company stepped-up its investigations into its Chinese factories and retested products.
    Recall information

    Mattel's international consumer assistance

    In another blow to Mattel, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said on Tuesday it was considering a possible investigation of whether Mattel notified authorities as quickly as it should have in connection with the August 14 recall.
    With more than 80 per cent of toys sold worldwide made in China, toy sellers are nervous that shoppers will shy away from their products in the forthcoming holiday season.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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