Baghdad embassy plans appear online

State department tells architect to removes plans of new US diplomatic mission.

    Many Iraqis are enraged by the massive new building when they are unable get electricity or running water

    The 10 images posted on the website included a scheme of the overall layout of the compound, plus depictions of individual buildings, including the embassy itself, office annexes, the Marine Corps security post, swimming pool, recreation centre, ambassador's and deputy ambassador's residences.
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    "In terms of commenting whether they're accurate, obviously we wouldn't be commenting on that because we don't want people to know whether they're accurate or not for security reasons," Dan Sreebny, a spokesman for the embassy in Baghdad, said.
    One senior official said: "People are eventually going to figure out where all these places are, but you don't have to draw them a map."
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    "Let the people of Iraq vote if they want the US to stay or leave"

    Bob Kaye, Bohemia, US

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    Identified as the "Baghdad US Embassy Compound Master Plan", the images show palm-lined paths and green grass gardens, volleyball and basketball courts outside the marine post, as well as the swimming pool, all with a view of the river.
    According to the website: "In total, the 104-acre compound will include over twenty buildings, including one classified secure structure and housing for over 380 families."
    Many Iraqis are enraged by the massive new building when they are unable get electricity or running water.
    The project, which has been dubbed "George W's Palace" by Iraqis, is valued at $592m.

    The current US embassy is housed in Saddam Hussein's former Republican Palace, also in the Green Zone. Washington wants to return the buildings, and many other palaces occupied by US forces after the 2003 US-led invasion, to Iraqi authorities.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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