Missing cleric found dead in Kenya

Tension runs high in Garissa town after body of cleric, allegedly handcuffed and kidnapped, is found.

    Missing cleric found dead in Kenya

    A missing cleric suspected to have been kidnapped has been found dead in Kenya's Embu County, stoking tension in Garissa town.

    The cleric cum business man, Mohamed Ali Kheir, alias Sheikh Dawara, had allegedly been handcuffed and kidnapped on Thursday by unknown people in Garissa town, according to the local Daily Nation newspaper.

    The newspaper quoted his brother Yussuf Ali Kheir as saying on Sunday that after a long search, the family was informed that the cleric's body had been found at a water pond.

    Call for investigations

    The director of security Aden Sahal condemned the death of the cleric, and asked the national government to thoroughly investigate his death.

    He said it was high time that the national government devolved the security institutions starting from the basic ones like the administration and regular police.

    Civil societies in Garissa town also registered displeasure over the killing of the cleric and called for an immediate investigation.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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