Deadly suicide attack hits Somali town

At least 10 people dead and many wounded in bombing of restaurant in Baidoa, just days after election of new leader.

    Suicide bombers have attacked a restaurant in the Somali town of Baidoa, killing at least 10 people and wounding many, police officers say.

    Friday's dual attack comes only days after Somalia elected a new leader, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, the former speaker of parliament.

    "First a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance of the restaurant, and then a suicide car bomb followed when people converged to help," Captain Nur Osman, a police officer, told Reuters news agency by telephone.

    Witnesses said the bodies of the victims were scattered around the blast site.

    No group immediately claimed responsibility.

    The armed group al-Shabab is responsible for a majority of suicide attacks in the country.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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