More than a dozen killed in CAR attack

Residents say a militia attacked a Muslim village near the city of Bambari.

    More than a dozen killed in CAR  attack

    A militia has attacked a Muslim village in the Central African Republic and killed 18 people, according to residents of the nearby city of Bambari.

    The attack comes two weeks after fighting between Christian militias and Muslim gunmen in the area killed 21.

    Ahmt Nadjad, a spokesman for the Seleka, a Muslim rebel coalition that overthrew the government in 2013, said the Christian anti-Balaka militia attacked the village of Ardo-Djobi early on Monday, killing 18 members of the Fulani tribe.

    One militiaman also died. Ibrahim Saleh, a resident of Bambari, confirmed the figures to the AP news agency.

    Christian militias have sought revenge for attacks carried out during Seleka rule. The sectarian violence has killed thousands and forced nearly one million people to flee their homes.



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