Zuma sworn in for second term in office

President Jacob Zuma took oath of office in Pretoria, becoming South Africa's fifth head of state.

    Zuma sworn in for second term in office
    Leaders from Nigeria, Zimbabwe and other African countries attended the ceremony [Reuters]

    South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, has been inaugurated for a second term in a ceremony marked by prayer and air force flyovers.

    Zuma took the oath of office on Saturday at the Union Buildings, a government complex in the South African capital of Pretoria. 

    In his addressto the nation, Zuma said the event marked the beginning of the second phase of South Africa's transition from apartheid to a national democratic society.

    "This second phase will involve the implementation of radical socio-economic transformation policies and programmes over the next five years," Zuma said.

    Those attending the inauguration included President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who was recently in Singapore for medical treatment, and Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

    On May 7, the ruling African National Congress won elections, continuing its political dominance since the end of white minority rule 20 years ago. 

    SOURCE: Agencies


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