Student killed in Sudan protest over Darfur

Police say one student dies after tear gas is fired at protesters blaming government for escalating violence in Darfur.

    Student killed in Sudan protest over Darfur
    Thousands have been displaced following recent destruction of villages in South Darfur[AP/UNAMID]

    A Sudanese student has died after police fired tear gas at Khartoum University protesters with links to the Darfur region, police said.

    Police said it would investigate the details of Tuesday's incident. Two students were injured and taken to hospital and one of them died, according to a police statement posted on the Interior Ministry website.

    Security forces had used tear gas and batons against about 200 students who organised the march against escalating violence in Darfur which they blamed on the government, a Reuters witness said.

    Dozens have been killed in the region in recent weeks, as rebels have been fighting forces of President Omar al-Bashir.

    The police statement did not say how the students were hurt but that police had already pulled back after earlier firing tear gas when the demonstrators tried to move their demonstrations outside campus.

    "Police call on the students not to give members of the rebel movements a chance to work inside the student body," the statement said. "Because these groups are outlaws and do not have any approval to conduct political activities."

    They were referring to the 11-year-old insurgency by rebels in Darfur.

    Sudan faces a sharp drop in oil revenues, the main source of government income, and rising inflation after losing most of his active oilfields following the secession of South Sudan in 2011.

    Subsidy cuts and other austerity measures brought in last September to cope with the crisis led to the capital's worst
    street protests in years, compounding the turmoil in a country also fighting rebels in southern and western border regions.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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