Zuma's son faces probe over fatal crash

Local media say S African president's son crashed his Porsche into minibus earlier this month, killing Zimbabwean woman.

    Mac Maharaj, the presidential spokesman, told AFP he did not want to comment on Zuma family matters [Reuters]
    Mac Maharaj, the presidential spokesman, told AFP he did not want to comment on Zuma family matters [Reuters]

    The son of South African President Jacob Zuma is facing a police investigation after a road accident involving his luxury car left one woman dead, local media have reported.

    Duduzane Zuma, a businessman, crashed his Porsche into a minibus taxi just before midnight on February 1 in the suburb of plush Sandton, the Sunday Independent, the Sunday Times and Eyewitness News radio reported on Sunday.

    Police confirmed the investigation of manslaughter against the Porsche driver, but declined to name the person until charges are laid and he appears in court.

    The papers carried the story with Duduzane's photo on their websites.

    "There was an incident where a Porsche collided in the rear of a taxi in the dark during heavy rain," said Wayne Minnaar, the Johannesburg Metro Police spokesman.

    "The taxi overturned and one person died; two were injured," he told the AFP news agency.

    The dead woman was a 30-year-old Zimbabwean national, Phumzile Dube, who was buried in her home country on Saturday, the Sunday Times reported.

    'I want justice' 

    Her husband told the newspaper that no one had contacted the family.

    "Zuma killed my wife and I want justice," said Themba Dube. "It doesn't matter whether he is the president's son - justice doesn't have eyes."

    Vusi Dlamini, the driver of the taxi in which the Zimbabwean was travelling, was rushed to hospital after he collapsed at the scene.

    "I don't like what happened. He bumped me out of the blue and my taxi overturned. One passenger died instantly," he told the Sunday Times.

    The officer on the scene did not take blood and alcohol tests, Minnaar said.

    Mac Maharaj, the presidential spokesman, told AFP he did not want to comment on Zuma family matters.

    Duduzane Zuma has business relations with close family associates, the Gupta brothers, and reportedly owns interests in their pro-government newspaper The New Age and ANN7 television news network.

    The Gupta brothers, originally from India, made headlines last year when they landed a plane filled with wedding guests at a military airbase without proper authorisation.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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