Capturing Tunisia protests on video

Footage of key anti-government demonstrations being held across north African country.

    Anti-government protests over soaring unemployment and poor living conditions erupted across Tunisia after Mohammed Bouazizia, young unemployed university graduate, set himself on fire in frustration on December 17. He died while being treated in a hospital near Tunis, the capital, on January 5, according to family members.

    This act of self-immolation ignited simmering anger at policies that the government's critics say favour an elite minority. Demonstrations across the country have continued unabated since December 17.

    Most video-sharing sites face blanket censorship in Tunisia, as do news websites like Nawaat, Al Jazeera Arabic, and, most recently, Al Jazeera English

    Yet many Tunisians share videos on Facebook, via email or use proxies to break through the media blackout.

    Here's some of what they filmed...

    Click here to view Bouazizi's funeral being held in Sidi Bouzid. A Facebook account is required for access.

    Clashes between police and protesters in Sidi Bouzid.

    Footage of a flash mob at a train station in Tunis.

    A group of lawyers marching in protest inside a courthouse in Tunis.

    Mokhtar Trifi, president of the Tunisian Human Rights League (LTDH), told Al Jazeera that lawyers across Tunisia have been "savagely beaten".

    This video shows lawyers outside in Tunis, the capital, on Monday. Around 300 staged a march in solidarity with the jobless in Tunis on December 28. 

    Abderrahman Ayedi, the man giving a speech in the footage, is a prominent lawyer who was allegedly tortured by police after being arrested for protesting on December 28.

    This shows the funeral of Chawki Belhoussine El Hadri, a 44-year-old man, who was among those shot by police during demonstrations in the central town of Menzel Bouzaiene on December 24. He died five days later from injuries inflicted by the shot.  

    Footage of police cracking down on protests in Gabes.

    Police fire gas canisters at peaceful protesters in the city of Sousse.

    A rally is held in the province of Jendouba, where many shout anti-government slogans.

    Hundreds stage a march in the city of Kef.   

    A protest in the city of Zarzis.  

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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