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Drought adds to Niger misery

Many residents say government is not doing enough to feed millions of starving people.

    The West African country of Niger has suffered a widespread drought that has lasted for years.

    According to UN figures, almost eight million people in the country, which is half of its population, are starving.

    Many residents say that the government is not doing enough to help deliver food aid.

    But Niger's government has said it is incapable of distributing enough food to its people and has made an urgent appeal to the international community for assistance in doing so.

    Al Jazeera Alan Fisher reports from the town of Zantoram in central Niger to find out how people there are coping with the food shortages.

    West Africa food crisis appeal number: 0207 523 2141 www.christianaid.org.UK/westafrica

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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