Kenya herds zebras for hungry lions

Rangers attempt to provide natural prey for lions starved by last year's drought.

    Thousands of zebras will be moved to Amboseli National park to restore the balance of wildlife [EPA]

    "It is expected that the restocking will restore the balance of animals within the park and reduce the lion and hyena attacks on livestock."

    Rangers in helicopters began rounding up galloping zebras on Wednesday, and moving them into a large V-shaped enclosure made of tarpaulin.

    The animals were loaded onto trucks from an enclosed pen, with each vehicle carrying some two dozen zebras.

    The operation, costing $1.3m, will run to February 28, officials said.

    Kenya's last massive animal transfer was in 2005, targeting 400 elephants from an over-crowded coastal reserve to a vast inland park, but that had to be halted due to drought that threatened their survival in their new home.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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