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Deported cleric back in Kenya

Kenya fails to deport Jamaican-born Muslim cleric it says poses "security threat".

    A Jamaican-born Muslim cleric has been sent back to Kenya after an attempt to deport him failed.

    Kenya says Abdullah el-Faisal is a security threat, and tried to deport him last Thursday.

    He was to be flown to Gambia via Nigeria, but an airline in Nigeria refused to take him, and he was then sent back to where he had come from.

    El-Faisal is said to be on a global "terror" watchlist and has served four years in a British jail for inciting murder and racial hatred.

    El-Faisal was arrested in Kenya on December 31 shortly after attending prayers at a mosque in the coastal city of Mombasa.

    Police and immigration officials said at the time they arrested him for violating immigration regulations by preaching.

    Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons reports from Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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