Ghana votes in presidential run-off

No candidate was able to score decisive victory in first round in early December.

    Some 12.5 million people are eligible to
    cast  their ballots [AFP]

    The NDC complained about irregularities in voting in the first round, which had a turnout of around 70 per cent.

    However, the EU's election monitoring team hailed the poll as a credit to African democracy, which sorely needs a boost after electoral chaos in Kenya and Zimbabwe and coups in Mauritania and Guinea this year.

    The run-off is expected to be a close-fought affair, with both candidates in with a strong chance of victory.

    The NPP lost its parliamentary majority in elections held at the same time as the first round of the presidential poll.

    Atta Mills and Akufo-Addoe are vying to replace John Kufuor, who must step down in January after serving two terms.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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