Nigeria rebels attack pipeline

Armed men sabotage pipeline operated by US giant Chevron.

    Rebels declared an 'oil war' against oil firms in
    Niger Delta in October last [AFP]

    No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, according to a senior police officer. Security agents are investigating the incident.

    Oil pipelines, facilities and personnel of oil majors operating in Nigeria's restive oil-rich Niger Delta have been targets of violent attacks in the past three years. 

    The oil giant Shell said on Friday that it had contained a spill caused by sabotage on its Adibawa delivery line in the southern Bayelsa state. Last week, armed men attacked Chevron's Robert-Kiri flowstation, killing a Nigerian navyman.

    Since January 2006, attacks have cut Nigeria's oil output by more than one quarter. Nigeria's total production currently stands at around two million barrels a day against 2.6 million barrels in 2006.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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