Scores die in Burkina Faso accident

At least 59 people are killed as bus collides with lorry in west of the country.

    The accident is one of the most severe
    in west Africa in years [AFP]

    The bus was heading for neighbouring Ivory Coast, she added.

    The accident was one of the most serious to have occurred in recent years in the west African country.

    "The two vehicles caught fire in the collision," Compaore said.
    "The scene is gruesome. The bus is completely 'askew', there are  bodies on the road, some are in the wreckage, there are charred  bodies which we are still removing. It's really horrible."
    So far 20 injured, six of them seriously hurt, have been taken from the bus but "it is a very provisional figure because the fire services are still working," she said.
    "Only 10 of the bodies can be identified; all the other victims are burnt beyond recognition."

    SOURCE: Agencies


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