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Chad blamed for Sudan attack

Khartoum says Darfur village has been bombed but Chad denies accusation.

    Thousands of Sudanese have fled their homes because of cross-border violence [EPA]
    Chad denied the accusations, saying that it had only forced rebels back over the border into Sudan. 

    "Chad had never bombarded Sudan.The Chadian army has never left its positions on the border," a Chadian source said.

    "The rebels came from Sudan and the Chadian army chased them until they went back inside Sudanese territory."
    On Tuesday, Chad's defence ministry said that Sudan was behind a rebel attack in the east of its territory which violated a March 13 peace pact signed in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, the latest of many peace agreements between the two neighbours.

    French backing 
    Meanwhile, Chad's main rebel group called on France to stop backing Idriss Deby, the Chadian president, and cease flying over rebel positions in the central African nation's restive east.
    The National Alliance rebel group, led by General Mahamat Nouri, said in a statement it was "warning France once again to abstain from giving any backing to the dictator", referring to Deby.
    "French planes must stop flying over freed territories or stage other dissuasive parades," it added.
    According to rebel and government sources, the eastern border region of Ade near Sudan was quiet on Wednesday, a day after clashes between the two sides.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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