Deaths in Algeria bomb attack

Bomb detonates outside a police residence in coastal town east of Algiers.

    Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for two recent suicide bomb attacks in eastern Algeria [AFP]

    On September 6, a suicide attack targeting the convoy of Abdelaziz  Bouteflika, the Algerian president, in the eastern town of Batna killed 22 people and wounded more than 100 others.

    Two days later, another suicide attack targeting a coastguard barracks at Dellys east of Algiers, involving a booby-trapped car, left 30 people dead and 40 wounded.

    Zemmouri, a coastal town, lies on the edge of the Kabylie region, which has seen a rise in violent attacks in the last year.

    Several hundred fighters reportedly linked to al-Qaeda are said to be based in dense forests in the mountainous region.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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