Sudan expels Western diplomats

Khartoum says two officials from Canada and the EC "interfered" in Sudanese affairs.

    Khartoum has not explained why Degerfelt and a Canadian diplomat were expelled [AFP]

    Al-Sadek said Sudan was working hard not to let the expulsion of the officials hamper relations with the European Union or Canada.
    The EU commission said its envoy Kent Degerfelt had been ordered to leave Sudan, while an official at the Canadian embassy in Khartoum said Daniel Boon, its mission chief, had been ordered out of the country.
    Relations worsen
    The EC confirmed that its office in Khartoum had received a letter notifying them of the expulsion.
    "We are aware of the situation and we are seeking to resolve it," a commission spokeswoman said in a statement.
    The expulsion has further hampered relations with Western diplomats. In October 2006, Khartoum expelled Jan Pronk, UN envoy, for criticising Sudan's actions in Darfur.
    Fighting in the western Sudanese region broke out in February 2003 when minority tribes used force to demand an equal share of national resources.
    The action prompted a violent response from government forces and proxy fighters, know as the Janjawid.
    At least 200,000 people have been killed and more than two million have been displaced by the conflict and famine in Darfur, according to estimates by the United Nations.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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