Zambia's Chiluba appears in court

Judge adjourns the ailing former president's trial in protracted corruption case.

    Chiluba and two others are facing charges of allegedly stealing from the state coffers [EPA] 

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    The charges against Chiluba

    The trial has already been substantially delayed due to Chiluba's poor health.
    Chiluba has a heart condition. Emmanuel Mwamba, his spokesman, said: "Chiluba decided to come to court despite his illness than to allow a video link installed at his house."
    The judge had ordered that Chiluba be tried through a video-link connection in his house if his heart condition remained acute, preventing him from appearing in court.
    But Mwamba said that Chiluba objected to the video-link.
    He said: "A video-link trial is illegal and Chiluba will not promote illegality."
    Chiluba has denied the corruption charges and blamed his hand-picked successor Levy Mwanawasa, now president, of trying to destroy his legacy and reputation.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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