Deadly stampede at Zambia stadium

Twelve fans crushed to death in a stampede after an Afrcian cup football match.

    Zambia won 3-0 over Congo Brazzaville
    in the match [GALLO/GETTY]

    Three women and nine men, all of them Zambian team supporters, were killed, when, according to the newspaper, spectators wanting to leave the stadium caused a stampede, trampling other supporters at the gate.
    Zambia won 3-0 over Congo Brazzaville, but the match started an hour late, according to the newspaper, and fans were in a rush to leave the stadium at the end of the game.
    The newspaper reported that the match began late because the Sudanese referee arrived only shortly before kickoff.
    Later, at the hospital, there was more confusion as family members tried to identify the deceased, prompting local police to send in 50 extra officers to control the crowd.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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