Algeria 'bombing' video released

Footage shows equipment and wires being put together followed by a large explosion.

    The video purportedly showed preparations and detonation of an Algeria bombing

    A group called al-Qaeda in Islamic North Africa claimed responsibility for attacks in Algiers on April 11, which killed 33 people and wounded 57 in co-ordinated suicide bombings targeting the prime minister's office and a police station.


    The attacks were the deadliest in the Algiers region since 2002, and came as the North African nation struggles to come to terms with an uprising that has killed up to 200,000 people since 1992, but which has largely died down in recent years.


    According to media reports in Algiers, Algerian security forces arrested an unspecified number of suspects accused of "logistical preparations" for the attacks, and some of them have already reportedly been brought before prosecutors.


    The reports said the explosives were a mixture of fertiliser and other chemicals, with two detonators, one controlled by the suicide bombers, the other controlled remotely.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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