Two dead in Morocco raid

Police say they were conducting an 'anti-terrorist' raid in Casablanca.

    In March, a man detonated explosives at an internet cafe, killing himself and wounding four [Reuters]

    Al Jazeera has learnt that Moroccan police were pursuing three men on suspicion of involvement in the March 11 internet cafe blast.

    A man carrying explosives was killed in that attack. An accomplice and three clients in the cafe were also injured.


    Thirty one people have been arrested since the March 11 attack.


    One of the three suspects police were searching for is the brother of the man who blew himself up in that attack, Al Jazeera's correspondent's in Casablanca reported.


    The police are still looking for the third suspect.


    Moroccan security forces have confiscated the cameras of photographers caught taking pictures of the site of the explosion.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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