Calm returns to Somali capital

Ethiopia says it has killed 200 fighters.

    Several hundred people are believed to have died
    in four days of fighting [EPA]

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    "The situation is Somalia has gone from bad to worse after the intervention of Ethiopian troops"

    Abed, Kumasi, Ghana

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    With rotting bodies still lying in the streets on Monday, it was impossible to calculate an exact death toll from what the International Committee of the Red Cross called Mogadishu's worst fighting in more than 15 years.


    Somali reporters have seen scores of corpses, Ethiopia says it has killed 200 insurgents, and residents say they believe several hundred people, mainly civilians, have died.


    A small African Union peacekeeping force of some 1,200 Ugandan soldiers has been caught in the cross-fire, pinned down at strategic sites like the air and sea ports.


    It lost a soldier during a mortar attack on the presidential compound on Sunday.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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