Libya to demand visas from Arabs

New measures to combat "threats" may bring Libya into conflict with neighbouring states.

    Salih Rajab al-Mismari said the move was aimed at stopping terrorism and illegal immigration [AFP]

    He also insisted the new requirement would not contradict the rules of the Maghreb Arab Union, which is made up of Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia.
    But Yazid Zerhouni, the Algerian interior minister, has warned that Libya will have to "face the consequences" of its decision, though he agreed that the country had the right to take any decisions it saw fit to maintain national security.
    Zerhouni's comments are the first response from a country to Libya's decision, announced at the end of Jaunary, to make entry visas compulsory.
    Meanwhile, Abd al-Rahman Shalgam, the Libyan foreign minister, told Al Jazeera that Libya would not require entrance visas for Tunisians entering the country.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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