Fighting erupts in Somali capital

Government forces and Ethiopian allies battle unidentified fighters in Mogadishu.

    Ethiopian troops in Mogadishu are supporting Somalia's interim government force [AP]

    Regular attacks
    Somalia's interim government and its Ethiopian allies have been hit with near-daily attacks by unidentified fighters in the capital.
    The interim government blames remnants of the Islamic Courts movement they drove out of Mogadishu and southern Somalia in a two-week joint offensive before the New Year.
    The Islamic Courts, who ruled much of southern Somalia for six months until they were defeated in early January, have vowed to fight a guerilla war against the government and Ethiopia.
    The government is awaiting the deployment of 8,000 African Union (AU) peacekeepers to replace the Ethiopian troops and help stabilise Somalia.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera and agencies


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