Guinea union chief calls off strike

The president agrees to strikers' demands to end an 19-day strike that left 59 dead.

    Guinea's 18-day general strke prompted violence and looting in the West African country's capital [AFP]

    The strikers had initially demanded the resignation of Lasana Conte, the country's long-standing president.


    However, by Saturday evening the strike leaders appeared to have dropped this demand after the government promised to act to raise living standards and reduce prices of key foodstuffs.


    The strike led to outburst of violence and looting throughout the West African country as police, looters and striking workers clashed repeatedly.


    Sporadic violence and industrial action also halted exports of bauxite, the aluminium ore that is the impoverished West African country's main export.


    Guinea is the world's largest exporter of bauxite.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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