Libya 'will not execute' medics

Mumammar Gaddafi's son describes the HIV trial verdicts as unfair.

    Relatives of the Libyan children who died want the medics executed [AFP] 



    "The case went in the wrong direction from the very beginning. There were many manipulations in the original files, many errors ... This is why we should seek a compromise," al-Islam said, adding Tripoli had already discussed a plan with Germany and France.


    Al-Islam runs a charity foundation which has played a key part in negotiating with Western countries over compensation for bombings in which Libya was implicated.


    Experts have said the six may escape the firing squad, with a government-led body having the final word on their fate.


    Feim Chaushev, Bulgaria's deputy foreign minister, said al-Islam's comments could be a sign of progress in negotiations.


    "I am inclined to see a positive signal in these assurances," he said.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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