Explosions rock Mogadishu

Blasts in the Somali capital hit an area where Ethiopian troops are based.

    Ethiopian troops helped Somali government soldiers to wrest control of Mogadishu[AFP] 

    Gunmen have launched attacks in the past few days in the latest guerrilla-style ambushes on the government and Ethiopian troops who drove Islamic courts fighters from the Somali capital over the New Year after their six-month rule of most of south Somalia.


    The latest attack took place near Darmoley, where attackers fired mortar bombs at an Ethiopian camp over the weekend.




    Islamic courts fighters have meanwhile threatened to fight and kill peacekeepers to be deployed in Somalia, deepening fears of further turmoil in the lawless nation, as African leaders struggled to come up with a peace force.


    In a video message posted on the website of the Somali Islamic movement, a hooded gunman warned that Somalia would become a  graveyard for around 8,000 African troops planned to be deployed in  the Horn of Africa nation.


    "Somalia is not a place where you will earn a salary - it is a place where you will die," said the gunman in the message posted on website.


    "The salary you are seeking will be used to transport your bodies," added the gunman, carrying an AK-47 rifle, in a message whose authenticity could not be confirmed.


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