Madagascar seizes fugitive general

The general had been on the run since he attempted to stage a coup.

    Soldiers apparently took the fugitive
    general by surprise 

    "General Andrianafidisoa put up no resistance," Razakanirina said.


    Andrianafidisoa's attempted coup had raised tensions before the presidential poll on December 3.


    Provisional results from the election - which must be confirmed by court before they become official - show the incumbent president, Marc Ravalomanana, a self-made dairy tycoon, with 54.8 per cent of the vote on a 61 per cent turnout.


    Opposition candidates say they will contest the result.


    Madagascar is the world's biggest vanilla producer, a source of precious gems and has potentially rich mineral resources including oil, as well as many tourist attractions. But 75 per cent of its 18 million people live on less than $1 a day.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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