Lithuania closes two border crossings with Belarus amid growing tensions

Lithuania temporarily shuts two of six checkpoints located on shared 680km border with Belarus over security concerns.

A member of Lithuanian Riflemen's Union and a Border Guard officer patrol along Belarus border in Kaniukai, Lithuania July 7, 2023. REUTERS/Janis Laizans
A member of Lithuanian Riflemen's Union and a Border Guard officer patrol along Belarus border in Kaniukai, Lithuania, in July 2023 [File: Janis Laizans/Reuters]

Lithuanian will temporarily close two of the country’s six border crossings with Belarus due to what the government said were “geopolitical circumstances”, and as concerns grow in the region over the presence of thousands of Russia’s Wagner Group mercenaries within Belarusian territory.

Belarus, Russia’s staunchest ally, reacted promptly to the announcement on Wednesday, criticising what it called Lithuania’s “far-fetched” decision to close two of its border checkpoints.

“This decision is one of the preventive measures to contain threats to national security and possible provocations at the border,” Lithuania’s Interior Minister Agne Bilotaite said.

Bilotaite did not spell out the threats in the reasoning for closing the two rural border crossings from Friday, which were not used by commercial vehicles.

Over recent few weeks, Lithuania has discouraged its citizens from travelling to Belarus, even setting up signs at the borders saying: “Do not risk your safety – do not travel to Belarus. You may fail to come back”.

Lithuania has also cited the security risk posed by the Wagner mercenary group, which has taken refuge in Belarus since their failed mutiny against Russia’s military leadership in June.

Lithuania, which shares a nearly 680-kilometre (422-mile) border with Belarus, declared its independence from the Soviet Union 33 years ago.

A democracy and a member of NATO and the European Union, Lithuania has been a strong supporter of Ukraine in its war against Russia and a place of refuge in recent years for many who have fled an authoritarian crackdown in neighbouring Belarus and increased repression in Russia

The commander of Lithuania’s border guard agency, Rustamas Liubajevas, estimated there could be up to 4,500 Wagner fighters in Belarus, with some stationed close to the Lithuanian and Polish borders.

Wagner’s presence  in Belarus has sparked alarm among Minsk’s western and northern neighbours, including Poland and Latvia.

Poland has said it will bolster its eastern border with 4,000 troops supporting the national border agency and another 6,000 in reserve. Latvia has also increased its security presence on its borders with Belarus.

Bilotaite said that Lithuania and Poland are also discussing the possibility of completely closing their borders with Belarus. Talks on the subject will take place in Warsaw at the end of the month, she said, according to the Baltic News Service.

Authorities in Belarus chided the Lithuanian decision on Wednesday.

“Lithuania, by taking such decisions, purposefully and deliberately creates artificial barriers on the border to serve its political ambitions,” Belarus’s border force said on social media.

It said the decision would cause traffic queues and lead to long waits at the border, calling the move an “unfriendly step” based on “far-fetched reasons”.

Source: News Agencies