Video investigation: What hit al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza?

Israel says Palestinian fighters bombed Gaza’s al-Ahli Arab Hospital in a misfire. Is that true?

Doha, Qatar – Al Jazeera’s Sanad Agency has investigated the Israeli claim that the bombing of Gaza’s al-Ahli Arab Hospital was the result of a rocket misfire from Palestinian Islamic Jihad and not a result of Israel’s relentless bombing of the Gaza Strip since October 7.

Sanad’s investigation analysed time-coded footage from several sources, including a live broadcast by an Al Jazeera journalist at the time.

Also analysed was live footage of Gaza from Israel, which clarified that the live Al Jazeera broadcast lagged by 35 seconds.

The investigation reveals that Israeli statements seem to have misinterpreted the evidence to build a story that one of the flashes recorded by several sources was a rocket misfire.

Based on a detailed review of all videos, Sanad’s analysts conclude that the flash Israel attributed to a misfire was in fact consistent with Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system intercepting a missile fired from the Gaza Strip and destroying it in mid-air.

Source: Al Jazeera