What Gaza infrastructure has been damaged since Israel declared war?

Here is a quick look at how much of Gaza’s infrastructure has been damaged by Israeli attacks.

Rubble litters a street between smoldering buildings hit by an Israeli airstrike in Jabaliya, Gaza Strip, Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023.
Entire streets in Gaza have been wiped out by Israeli air raids [Hatem Moussa/AP Photo]

Since Israel declared “war” against Hamas on Sunday, its military forces have besieged the Gaza Strip, launching air raids on the enclave, including civilian areas.

Residents in Gaza have flocked to hospitals and United Nations schools for safety, hoping that Israel will abide by international law and not attack those coordinates.

However, places of shelter have also not been free from Israeli attacks.

Here is a list of infrastructure and other facilities that have been damaged or shut down in Gaza since Saturday.


  • 18 places of worship: The United Nations’ OCHA reported on Thursday that 11 mosques have been demolished by Israeli air strikes, while an additional seven churches and mosques have sustained damage. Some of the affected mosques were located in Gaza City, Khan Younis, Beit Lahia and Yarmouk. Several of the damaged churches were ancient, according to Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor.
  • 22,600 residential units: The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that 22,600 units have been destroyed. About 2,835 units have been damaged, about 1,791 have become uninhabitable due to severe damage, and 12,630 have sustained lesser damage, according to United Nations briefings on October 11 and October 12.
  • 19 medical centres: A World Health Organization Report on Thursday said that 19 health facilities had been damaged. On Wednesday, OCHA reported that all 13 hospitals and other medical centres were only partially operational due to shortages of supplies and fuel. Al Jazeera correspondent Youmna El Sayed also reported on Wednesday that Beit Hanoon Hospital and al-Oyun hospital in Tal al-Hawa were completely out of service due to the bombardment.
  • 20 ambulances: A World Health Organization Report on Thursday reported 20 ambulances have been damaged.
  • 90 education facilities: At least 90 educational facilities have been damaged, according to OCHA. Twenty of these were UNRWA installations, two of which were also used as emergency shelters.
  • 70 industrial facilities: ReliefWeb reported that at least 70 industrial facilities had been destroyed. Most sewage pumping stations and four out of five wastewater treatment plants have stopped operating, causing sewage and solid waste to accumulate in the streets and become a health hazard, according to OCHA.
  • 49 media offices: According to Euro-Med, 49 media and press offices have been destroyed. This includes a local independent newspaper Al-Ayyam, based in Palestine Tower in Gaza, which was completely destroyed in an Israeli attack, according to Reporters Without Borders.


Source: Al Jazeera and news agencies