Timeline of Memphis police beating of Tyre Nichols

Crucial moments from four different police videos that recorded events the evening Nichols was stopped and beaten up.

Memphis police kicked and baton-charged Tyre Nichols and used Taser on him during a January 7 traffic stop, footage released on Friday showed.

Nichols died in hospital three days later, and five police officers were charged with second-degree murder.

Here are crucial moments from four different police videos that recorded events from 8:23pm (02:23 GMT, Saturday) to 9:03pm (03:03 GMT).


First sight of Nichols’s car, already stopped at an intersection where two officers order him to exit his vehicle. One of the officers opens the passenger door and pulls him out.

“Damn, I didn’t do anything,” Nichols says.

The officers push him to the ground and yell at him to comply.

“Spray him,” one officer says.


Officers order him to the ground, threatening to use Taser, spray and beat him as they struggle with him and hold Nichols down.

“All right, I’m on the ground,” Nichols says. “Stop, stop … You guys are really doing a lot right now. I’m just trying to go home … Stop. I’m not doing anything.”

Nichols breaks free and runs away. An officer fires his Taser and police chase after him.

Between 8:26pm and 8:31pm

There is no video of Nichols during this time, when apparently two officers catch up to him and attempt to detain him.


Nichols is being held down by two officers, who struggle to subdue him.


A third officer arrives on the scene. One of them says: “Do you want to get sprayed again?” Two officers punch and slap him.

“Mom! Mom!” Nichols cries as the newly arrived officer sprays him. “Mom! Mom!” he cries again.

The officers order Nichols: “Give me your hands.”

A fourth officer arrives on the scene.


One of the officers kicks Nichols in the face twice.

One officer, who had stepped away, returns to the scrum and says raising his stick: “I’m going to baton the f*** out of you.”


The officer with the baton hits Nichols with it three times as other officers begin to stand him up.

One officer punches Nichols at least five times in the head while two others hold him up. He goes down to the asphalt and officers hold him down.


A fifth officer arrives on the scene and kicks Nichols. Then another officer kicks him.

Two more officers arrive, and their strength reaches seven. They only appear to observe the scene. One of them makes a call on his radio.


Officers step back, apparently now that Nichols is in cuffs.


Nichols is dragged across the asphalt propped to sit up against a patrol car, hands cuffed behind him.


Nichols slumps to his right and falls to the asphalt.

“Hey, sit up, bro,” one officer says. Nichols is grabbed by the arm and pulled back into a sitting position.

Two apparent emergency medical technicians (EMTs) arrive.

8:41pm to 8:55pm

Personnel on scene periodically tend to Nichols, although he is left unattended for several minutes, rolling on the ground or up against the police car with his hands cuffed behind his back.

The EMTs appear to render some aid, though the view is obscured by officers gathering around or not visible as one officer covers his camera or turns it away.

8:55pm to 9pm

EMTs appear to begin tending to Nichols again as he is propped up against the police car.


A stretcher is wheeled into the area.


An ambulance pulls into the frame, obscuring the view of Nichols.


The final video ends.

Source: Reuters