Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 101

As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its 101st day, we take a look at the main developments.

Russia Ukraine War Day In Photos
Ukraine’s defence minister Oleksii Reznikov has called on allies to continue to arm Ukraine after '100 days of resistance, bravery and fortitude' [Rodrigo Abd/AP Photo]

Here are the key events so far on Saturday, June 4.

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  • Ukraine said it clawed back a chunk of the key industrial centre of Severodonetsk, appearing to stymie a Russian drive to capture the ruined city, the focus of Moscow’s offensive to take the eastern Donbas region.
  • Serhiy Haidai, governor of Luhansk province, told national television that Ukrainian troops had retaken 20 percent of the territory they had lost in Severodonetsk. His claim of Ukrainian advances could not immediately be verified.
  • Russia has reinforced its troops and used artillery to conduct “assault operations” in Severodonetsk, but Russian forces retreated after failed attempts to advance in the nearby town of Bakhmut, Ukraine’s military said.
  • Haidai said in a social media post that four people were killed in Russian attacks in the region on Saturday, including a mother and a child.
  • In Ukraine’s southern Odesa region on Saturday morning, a missile hit an agricultural storage unit, wounding two people, the regional administration’s spokesman wrote on Telegram.
  • Moscow will continue its military operation in Ukraine until all its goals have been achieved, said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.
  • Prosecutors investigating war crimes cases in Ukraine are examining allegations of the forcible deportation of children to Russia since the invasion as they seek to build a genocide indictment, the country’s top prosecutor said.
  • Ukraine’s defence minister Oleksii Reznikov has called on allies to continue to arm Ukraine after “100 days of resistance, bravery and fortitude”.


  • The Russian National Settlement Depository (NSD) said it was suspending operations in euros due to the latest European Union sanctions, calling the situation an emergency.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin Putin denied Russia was preventing Ukrainian ports from exporting grain, saying the best solution would be to ship it through Belarus if sanctions on that country were lifted.
  • Turkey expects progress on a plan to unlock grain exports from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports when Russia’s foreign minister visits next week, a senior Turkish official said.


  • The EU blacklisted Russian military commanders who it said led troops involved in atrocities in Ukraine, calling them the “butchers” of Bucha and Mariupol.
  • Russia accused Germany of throwing European security into imbalance by “remilitarising”, as Berlin shores up its military spending.
  • Russia’s foreign ministry said it was summoning the heads of US media outlets in Moscow on Monday to notify them of tough measures in response to US restrictions against Russian media.
  • Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said his country’s support for the Ukrainian people “has not wavered” since Russia invaded Ukraine 100 days ago, “and it never will”.
Source: News Agencies