Ticketless fans can enter Qatar during World Cup from December 2

Fans can travel to Qatar without being ticket holders from December 2 following the FIFA World Cup group stage, officials say.

Those who want to travel to Qatar still need to apply for a Hayya card, officials have said [Mohammed Dabbous/Reuters]

Football fans can now travel to Qatar during the World Cup without being ticket holders from December 2, following the group stages, the country’s interior ministry has said.

“We’re delighted to announce today that non-ticketed fans can enter the State of Qatar after the conclusion of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group Stage – starting from 2 December 2022 – to enjoy the unique tournament atmosphere here with teams and fans in the country,” ministry spokesman Jabr Hammoud Jabr al-Nuaimi told reporters on Thursday.

Those who want to travel to Qatar still need to apply for a Hayya card, which is required for anyone who wishes to enter the World Cup stadiums as well as the country during the tournament. Applications can be made online through the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 website or the Hayya to Qatar 22 mobile app.

“All parties will work to ensure the safety and security of the fans. We welcome everyone and we all cooperate to ensure that the tournament is a success,” al-Nuaim said.

The Hayya card, a Fan ID, also provides free access to metro and bus transportation services.

Hayya cardholders can stay in Qatar until January 23, 2023.

Meanwhile, Yousef al-Maslamani, the official health spokesperson for the FIFA World Cup, said that a website has been launched containing information about clinics and hospitals.

“Fans can access the free helpline by calling 16000 for information about accessing medical care, when needed,” he said.

The announcement came days after the Qatari government cancelled the majority of travel restrictions related to COVID-19 before the tournament.

From November 1, travellers no longer need to present a negative COVID-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen tests to enter the country. They are also not required to preregister on the government’s Ehteraz health application before their arrival.

In addition, a COVID vaccination certificate is no longer required to enter Qatar.

Source: Al Jazeera