‘Metro Man’, the World Cup’s accidental social media sensation

A young man from Kenya has become a fan favourite with his creative method of directing people to the metro station.

Abubakr Abbass at work near Souq Waqif [Al Jazeera]
Abubakr Abbass at work near Souq Waqif [Al Jazeera]

Doha, Qatar – Abubakr Abbass, a 23-year-old from Kenya, has emerged as a firm fan favourite – and accidental social media sensation – during the football World Cup in Qatar.

Sat on a tennis-umpire chair and wearing a large foam finger, he guides the hundreds of fans visiting the historic market – called Souq Waqif – to the metro station nearby with the help of his trusted megaphone.

His helpful advice, “Metro? This way. Metro? This way,” has now become a famous catchphrase.

“We love him; we love the metro guy,” one fan said, motioning towards Abbass.

“I saw him on TikTok. I thought it was really funny. He makes me laugh; it’s such a simple task,” added a young fan dressed in a Chelsea football shirt.

People visiting the popular Souq Waqif regularly interact with Abbass, engaging in back-and-forths and creating pantomime-like scenes.

Not much is known about Abbass, but the mysterious social media star has earned plaudits for bringing enthusiasm to an otherwise mundane task.

“He’s really, really enjoying his job”, said one impressed fan.

Abbass is now inspiring other workers to join in the fun, with many of them now donning his trademark foam finger and providing fans with directions in creative ways.

Source: Al Jazeera