How the world reached 25 million coronavirus cases

The US remains the country hardest-hit by the pandemic with more than 5.96 million cases and 182,779 deaths.

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Despite the rising number of cases, most people who contract the virus only suffer mild symptoms before making a recovery [Mohammed Salem/Reuters]

Global coronavirus cases surged past 25 million on Sunday, according to data compiled by the US-based Johns Hopkins University, with India setting the record for the highest single-day rise in cases.

The university’s running data showed that global confirmed COVID-19 infections stood at 25,009,739 and the number of recoveries had reached 16,411,400.

According to World Health Organization data, the official number of global coronavirus cases is now at least five times the number of severe influenza illnesses recorded annually. Several health officials have warned that real numbers are likely far higher than the official number, as testing has not been able to capture the full picture.

Nearly 843,000 people have died of the virus globally, and with no vaccine or effective treatment available yet, governments have been resorted to physical distancing and lockdowns to stop its spread.

In India, its health ministry announced on Sunday that at least 78,761 new infections were reported in 24 hours, setting a new daily record worldwide.

The rise in India, home to 1.3 billion people, came as the government further eased lockdown restrictions over its two-day weekend to help ease pressure on the reeling economy.

Nations such as New Zealand and South Korea, which had previously brought their outbreaks largely under control, are also now battling new clusters of infections.

On the other side of the world, Latin America – the worst-hit region – was still struggling with its first wave, with COVID-19 deaths in Brazil crossing 120,000, second only to the United States.

The US remains the hardest-hit country by the pandemic, with over 5.96 million cases and 182,779 deaths.

China has registered 89,863 cases so far and its death toll stands at 4,721.

Overall, the virus has spread to 188 countries and regions.

Source: Al Jazeera, News Agencies