Heavy rainfall wreaks havoc on Yemen

Widespread disruption in Sanaa as the nation’s capital is inundated by floodwaters.

Heavy rainfall wreaks havok in Yemen
Widespread disruption in Sanaa as the nation's capital is inundated by floodwaters [AFP]

A major clean-up operation is under way in Yemen’s rebel-held capital of Sanaa following days of heavy rain. This resulted in floodwaters sweeping through parts of the city, overturning cars and damaging shops and market stalls.

The heavy rains began on Monday evening and continued through much of Tuesday and into Wednesday, causing dangerously high water levels in some areas. Remarkably, no casualties were reported as a result of the severe weather.

Sanaa, which is located in the country’s mountainous north, is prone to flash floods.

Such floods can wreak havoc on the nation’s infrastructure, which is already damaged by more than five years of civil war between the Houthi rebels in the country’s north, and the internationally recognised government based in the south.

Shopkeepers and stall owners have been out to survey the damage and try to clean up. Many stall owners have lost everything and are now unable to make a living.


The flooding could also mean problems for the country’s sanitation system, which is already minimal. Further showers are forecast over the next few days across Yemen.

Some of those are expected to be heavy at times. Sanaa is forecast to see another spell of torrential rain on Monday.

Yemen has had one of the world’s largest cholera outbreaks in recent memory and health officials are now dreading the eventual appearance of coronavirus in the country.

Deep poverty, dire water shortages, and a lack of adequate sanitation have made the country a breeding ground for disease.

Source: AP